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Aims and Objective

As per the Memorandum of Association, the major objectives of the Central Sanskrit University are to propagate, develop and encourage Sanskrit learning and research. This also serves as central, administrative and coordinating machinery for the management of all Campuses. The Government of India has formulated various schemes and programmes for the development of Sanskrit education and is implementing these through Central Sanskrit University.

1. To Undertake, aid, promote, and co-ordinate research in all branches of Sanskrit learning including teachers' training and manuscriptology.

2. To establish, take-over and administrate campuses in various parts of the country and to associate with any other institution having equal status.

3. To act as Nodal agency for Government of India in implementing its policies and programmes for the development of Sanskrit.

4. To confer degrees, grant diplomas and certificates to persons who have satisfactorily completed the approved courses.

5. To Institute and award visitorships, fellowships, scholarships, stipends etc., in accordance with the rules of the sansthan from time to time.