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The Logo

rsks The Sansthan Logo comprises of a square, surrounded by three red, white and black pillars – symbolizing the three natures of the universe, namely, satva, rajas and tamas. Within the black square, the red and white squares indicate the pure and royal nature of the Sansthan. The motto on the top - ‘yosnuchanah so no mahan’ – symbolizes all the branches of Vaidic learning. The wavy red, white and black lines, representing the three-fold nature, on the left hand side of the pattern, indicate agitated nature when it joins with the Brahman. This a representation of the sansthan actively engaged in the promotion and propagation of Sanskrit. The wavy red, white and black lines returning downwards on the right-hand side symbolize the desire of the seeker to return to the Brahma. The sun-facing flower at the centre indicates the truth-oriented nature of the Sansthan. The couple of leaves at the base of the flower implies the twin religious elements of upward progress and beneficence.

The motto is an excerpt from a sloka from the -shalyaparva of the Mahabharata:

Which means one is great, not because of one’s age, or silvery locks, or vast riches or large number of influential contacts (relatives), but because of the knowledge one has received from the Rishis.